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Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board
Zhi jiu board Composite wall board

Zhi jiu board Composite wall board

  • category:Zhi jiu board Composite wall panel
  • Release date:2019-09-11
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Zhi jiu board Composite wall board

The composite wall board is a lightweight, energy-saving and fireproof  new strip which is industrialized and compounded by professional molds and production lines. The two sides are 4mm thick FC series plates, and the middle is polyphenyl granule lightweight aggregate concrete.

The composite wall board is mainly used for the inner partition wall of the non-bearing wall of the frame structure building. The surface can be painted, wallpapered and tiled. Excellent performance, convenient and quick construction and installation, fireproof and waterproof, good sound  insulation effect.

Construction steps:

Construction preparation

Coordinate Party A and eject the ink line.

Construction plan determined according to the construction. Prepare the

plates, adhesives, etc. required for the project

Supporting materials and related construction equipment.

Wallboard construction

For the construction of composite wallboard, first make a large surface and then make a hole, and install it from the joint of the wall column.

The basic operating process is:Cleaning construction surface-elastic row plate (according to design requirements)-cutting patch-sheet top and side scraping adhesive riser-temporary fixing-correcting wedge-mortar (or fine stone concrete) sealing bottom seam-mortar (or fine stone concrete)strength maintenance-de-wedge mortar fill hole-install anti-vibration card-door and window file installation-paste mesh cloth;

After cleaning the dust on the surface of the construction work surface,

according to the design requirements, the position line of the wall panel and the ceiling shall be ejected on the wall surface and the ceiling, and the hole and the reserved hole shall be marked, and the ground flatness shall be checked. The high and low depressions shall be filled with fine stone concrete more than 40mm;

When installing the wallboard, the top and side edge joint surfaces should

be fully coated with adhesive, and scraped evenly, evenly without scratching; the patching should be made according to the actual size of the row board, and the line should be lined according to the line. The chainsaw is cut on bot sides, and the surface should still be coated with adhesive when splicing; 

The composite wall panel shall be fixed first with the rear panel of the wall panel, and the panel shall be patched first. When the wall panel is erected, the side can be squeezed into place with a pry bar, and the vertical and adjacent plate surface flatness can be corrected in time to make the seam tight and straight, and the extruded adhesive is scraped in time. Then use the wooden wedge to tighten at the bottom of the wallboard. Surface flatness and verticality should be controlled within 3mm;

After the wall is fully fixed, the bottom of the wallboard is filled with cement mortar or fine stone concrete. The vertical joints of all the wall panels and the joints with other walls, columns and plates shall be treated with a mesh cloth;

After installing the wallboard, the wooden wedge can be removed after the curing for one week and the hole is filled with mortar. It is strictly forbidden to knock the chisel during the curing period to avoid the vibration cracking of the wall; 

The anti-vibration steel card must be firmly fixed according to the number required by the design, and must not be placed, leaked or loosened. Wall treatment (same description of cast wallwall treatment)



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