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Light steel floor panels: five important links to improve the quality of lightweight and energy-saving wall panels


Fire and anti-explosion board manufacturers explain the five important aspects of improving the quality of lightweight and energy-saving wall panels.

With the adoption of lightweight and energy-saving wall panels, the use of lightweight and energy-efficient wallboards has brought innovation and environmental protection to the building materials market in the construction industry. But it is undeniable that because most of the wallboard manufacturers have small standard skills and are not sophisticated. The low management level has formed some lightweight and energy-saving wall panels that cannot be used normally after the quality is not qualified, and can not fully carry forward the outstanding functions of lightweight energy-saving wall panels. The five aspects that affect the quality of wallboard are:

(1) Production equipment.

Robust hydraulic system, sophisticated vibration molding skills and transmission system are important factors to ensure the quality of lightweight and energy-saving wallboard products. The purchase of equipment is not only the cost of thinking, but also the production power. And the reliability of the operation and the simplicity of the repair. In particular, it is important to note that the experiment that must perform the necessary operation of the equipment before purchasing the equipment cannot be blindly purchased only by listening to the manufacturer's introduction.

(2) Construction methods.

The construction plan is not reasonable and the method of operation is not correct will affect the quality of the products of lightweight energy-efficient wallboards. This aspect can be referred to the industry standards or peer practices.

(3) The level of skills of the production staff.

The skill level of the production and management determines the bumpy and stable wallboard products of the quality of the goods. In the process of production, there are many links that require people to master and interfere. Therefore, experience and responsibility often have great effects.

(4) Selection of raw materials.

The composition of raw materials and the quality of the products directly affect the quality of the products. The quality of the raw materials should be tested or tested according to the requirements of the skill of the goods and the selection of qualified raw materials, and the economically reasonable cooperation ratio determined by the experiment should be determined.

(5) Maintenance conditions.

Some companies have neglected the maintenance of the product to store the goods under unsuitable temperature and humidity conditions, resulting in the strength, cracking or warpage of the lightweight energy-saving wallboard.


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